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The Temple of Graphic

Cast away your sorrows, 'cause you've found it. The page you've been looking for. The place for all you graphics-lovers, and web-designers. Here's all the help and fun you've ever needed. And best of all, it's free. On these pages you'll find useful and funny animated gifs, great backgrounds for your private web-page, and a selection of my own graphics, for you to enjoy. If you have some contributions, or maybe just some feedback, you can email me, right here. I hope you'll find some use for this page, and that you bookmark it, or put a link to it on your page (you'll find some useful banners/logos further down on the page). Have an enjoyable time...

BackgroundsBackgrounds are always the thing that makes a homepage go from good to great. But it's important to choose the right one for your page. The background reflects the site's "feel", and if you choose the wrong one, your page will transform into a chaos of colours and emotions. It's also important to choose a background that has none of the colours, that you use on for example the fonts, in it. And last, but not least, do us all a favor, and do not use more than two backgrounds on your site.

Animated Gifs
Animated Gifs are often used redundantly, and makes the loading time take hours. The rule is; Never use more than three animated gifs on a page. But if you know how to use them correctly, they will give your page a face-lift, or draw the readers attention to a special place in the page.

Horizontal Rules
Horizontal Rules are a great alternative to pictures when you need to separate text into "groups". But the rule about over-use is also valid for this group of "homepage-helpers". A rough hint to follow is; The reader should never see more than three horizontal rules at once on his (hers) monitor.

All graphics on these pages are free. But if you're going to use some of the graphics, I would like you to put my logo with a link to this page on the bottom of your web-site. Please go to this site if you want to see my selection of logos, and learn how to put them up on your page. Thank your for your time...

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